Et The Staff



Regina has worked in our office for over  10 years and leads our front desk reception and scheduling areas.  She is constantly reaching out to assist patients to find convenient scheduling options for them as well as assisting with needed support for surgery schedule adjustments.  She works very closely with our referral offices assisting them and their patients with all the necessary support to make a smooth  surgery experience.



Nicki has been with our practice for over 7 years and is our multitask master.  Nicki originally started in our practice as a certified surgical assistant and then her roles expanded into numerous tasks including but not limited to coordinating our surgery center accreditation every three years,  study club operations, back office support assisting with every realm of patient business assistance and assistance with referral office support and communication.  She has completed ACLS/CPR curriculum on multiple occasions as well as the AAOMS national anesthesia certification exam DAANCE.



Grant has been with our practice for 3 years as a surgery assistant.  He works in all phases of the surgery side of the practice as well as on our consultation side.  Grant is a former engineering student from UMKC and is preparing in the future for a career in nursing.  He has tremendous skills in many aspects of the practice from detailed mechanical problems to IT troubleshooting that is a big asset to our practice. He has completed ACLS/CPR curriculum as well as the AAOMS national anesthesia exam DAANCE,



Felipe has been with our practice for over 2 years and is a pre-dental student completing his undergraduate studies at Creighton University.  Felipe is a talented assistant who works in all phases of the practice on both the surgery and clinic sides.  He is bilingual and his Spanish fluency allows tremendous assistance and comfort to our primarily Spanish speaking patient base.  Felipe is in the process of dental school application with a future career in the dental industry.



Kim has been with us for 2 years and has been a great addition in the areas of determination of insurance benefits and implant case treatment planning and scheduling.  Kim takes the time to assist patients in every aspect of benefit determination and coordination of the patients treatment plan with the referring offices.  Kim’s previous background in a  cardiology practice is very helpful to our practice when we are working with the patient’s primary care physician in physical assessments for anesthesia.