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Pre-prosthetic Surgery
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What is Pre-prosthetic Surgery?

Pre-prosthetic Surgery is an Oral and Maxillofacial procedure to prepare your mouth before your dentist places a prosthesis (complete or partial dentures). Your denture will sit on the bony ridge. In order to ensure the denture fits well in your mouth and feels comfortable, the bone and tissue area must be the appropriate shape and size. When a tooth is extracted, the area beneath the extracted tooth may be left uneven or jagged. This bone may need to be reshaped or leveled. Sometimes, the bone may need to be removed.

What are Pre-prosthetic Procedures?

•  Removal of excess bone (see Figures 1 & 2)
•  Removal of excess gum tissues
•  Bone ridge reduction
•  Bone leveling and reshaping

We will determine the appropriate procedure during your evaluation.

Fig 1:Bone Sunken from Tooth Loss Fig 2:Excess Bone Removed

Will I be Asleep during the Procedure?

You have several anesthetic options when receiving pre-prosthetic surgery.

•  Local anesthesia
•  General anesthesia
•  Conscious intravenous sedation
•  Nitrous Oxide Gas (laughing gas)
•  Oral Sedation

We will discuss with you the various anesthetic options during your evaluation.