AAAHC Accredited Office-Based Surgery Center

Accredited by AAAHCDr. Thomas H. Faerber was the first Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Kansas to undergo accreditation of his office-based surgery center in 1993.  Since 1993 Dr. Faerber‘s office surgery center has had approved accreditation status. Accreditation by AAAHC a national leader in the accreditation of ambulatory surgery centers means that our office-based surgery center undergoes examination by an outside organization every 3 years.  This is a very detailed on-site evaluation of several categories of ambulatory surgery center practice including but not limited to anesthesia care and safety including a detailed range of emergency scenarios, instrument sterilization and organization, medical records and HIPAA, OSHA, quality assurance studies and many other categories.

Office-based surgery center accreditation is not mandatory but Dr. Faerber believes it is vital to benchmark and compare his facility with those of other surgeons all over the United States. Dr. Faerber was previously a surgery center surveyor for AAAHC and served on the Advisory Board of AAAHC.  As a surveyor, he was able to review some of the leading office-based surgery centers in the country and continues to benchmark his facility with these leading US office-based surgery centers.

In addition to AAAHC accreditation, Dr. Faerber‘s office undergoes examination by the AAOMS Office Anesthesia Examination Program. This involves an outside surgeon survey of our anesthesia operations and safety procedures.

All surgery staff at our facility take part in regular ACLS training and certification as well as CPR and the AAOMS national office anesthesia training program. Routine office anesthesia emergency drills are conducted that includes routine emergencies to rare entities such as malignant hyperthermia. Weekly AED/defibrillator and crash cart checks are completed as well as complete emergency supplies and drug logs. Our surgery center has the full complement of training aids for ACLS and CPR.

 AAAHC Accredited Office-Based Surgery Center photo
 Dental Office inside
 AAAHC Accredited Office-Based Surgery Center photo