Meet Our Oral Surgery Team In Overland Park KS

Faerber Surgical Arts dental staff

   Julie - Front Desk Coordinator


Julie has a fantastic background in various retail settings. Julie also has extensive training as a former pre-school teacher and this level of patience is very helpful with our front office administration. Julie helps with scheduling, coordinating referrals, and fulfills a multitude of other roles at the front desk. Julie has to multi-task in several different areas of our office each day and completes these tasks with a smile and extremely high efficiency.  Julie will make you and your family feel welcome as she assists you with the various necessary documents to initiate a consultation in our office and surgery center.

   Kim - Insurance Specialist & Implant Surgery Coordinator


Kim has been with us for 8 years and has been a great addition as an insurance specialist and implant surgery coordinator. Kim spends a great deal of time assisting patients with insurance benefit determination and treatment planning with referral offices.  Kim’s previous experience in a cardiology practice is very helpful to us, especially when we work with primary care physicians for pre-op anesthesia assessments and medical clearances. Kim leads our front office administration and is extremely dedicated.

 Kris - Member of the Surgical Arts team

Kris has been in the dental and medical industry for over 20 years and provides exceptional service to our practice in all aspects of billing and financial arrangements for our patients.

Surgery Assistants

Our Friendly Oral Surgery Staff Can Help You Get the Care You need

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